The P.R.P.R.C. staff regularly provide support to initiatives that educate the public about the palaeontology of the Peace Region. One such educational program is the Dino-Camps put on in the summer by the Northern Lights College in Tumbler Ridge. The program and its content was created by P.R.P.R.C. palaeontologist Rich McCrea and his colleague Sean Robson and was subsequently made available to the Northern Lights College who brings in University science students to be coordinators of these camps. The P.R.P.R.C. palaeontologists provide training for the dino-camp coordinators and also participate in the camps throughout the summer by giving talks and bringing in real dinosaur fossils for the dino-campers to view.

Lisa Buckley giving the new dino-camp coordinators and tour guide an orientation to palaeontology and fossils at the P.R.P.R.C.


tracksite tours

The T.R.M.F. set up the infrastructure for guided tours to the Wolverine River and Flatbed Creek tracksites. The tours were organized through the Tumbler Ridge Community Centre and the P.R.P.R.C. palaeontologists provided training for the tour guide to assist with the interpretive component of the tours.

The Wolverine Creek tracksite getting cleaned up a bit so that the tour guide and dinocamp coordinators can get better acquainted with the tracks