Preparation Area

Preparation Projects


Before fossils can be studied and identified, they must be exposed from the surrounding rock. The preparation room is where the work of freeing fossils from their rocky matrix is accomplished. In some cases for each hour that was spent excavating a bone many hours of preparation are required before the bone is fully exposed.

Fossil preparation requires a patient mind and a steady hand as many fossils are much softer than the rock that encases them. A variety of techniques are employed to ready fossil specimens for study and display.

The P.R.P.R.C. preparation area as it looked in August, 2003


The early set up of the preparation area in October, 2003.

Initially the preparation area was used by the T.R.M.F. to manufacture footprint replicas that were then sold to support the dinosaur excavation and the formation of the P.R.P.R.C.


The preparation area in early June, 2004.

The preparation area at this point was only partially operational as much of the necessary preparation equipment including air filtration units had not yet arrived.


The preparation area in early January, 2005.

Ready for preparing dinosaur bones.