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Theft and Vandalism at a Fossil Footprint Site

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Chetwynd Dinosaur Trackway Slab

The Peace Region Palaeontology Research Centre is playing an active role in protecting the Peace Region's palaeontological resources. Palaeontologists at the P.R.P.R.C. are members of the British Columbia Palaeontological Alliance, a group of professional scientists and amateurs who are concerned about the lack of provincial legislation to protect B.C.'s palaeontological heritage. There are very few fossil sites that have any protection from private collectors or commercial operators.

The Peace Region Palaeontology Research Centre has received donations of fossil material from other institutions and private citizens. Donated fossils from other institutions includes material for educational purposes and displays, but also important fossils that were collected from the Peace Region. These specimens were stored in other institutions or museums and were subsequently donated to the P.R.P.R.C. in recognition of this centre's efforts to be the repository of fossils from the Peace Region.